• In the 2+ years I've lived at the building it's been a great experience. Everything I was told moving into the building - quiet, clean - was true. I would highly recommend to anyone that they live here.

    ~ Matthew Bailey
  • Thank you for providing me with such a lovely place to call home. I really have enjoyed it here.


    ~ Jessica M.
  • You have made this a wonderful place to live for the three and half years that I've been here, and I truly appreciate all that you've done to both maintain the building in excellent condition and create a positive vibe here.


    ~ Andrea L.
  • I have enjoyed living at 540 Sherbourne, and most definitely will recommend this building to friends when they are looking for a new place to call home. Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep this building so well maintained.


    ~ Christine View Property
  • I want to thank you profusely for a fantastic year during which you were the best superintendent I could possibly ask for. I have enjoyed living in this building and would never leave except for the financial benefits of the roommate situation I have found in my new neighbourhood!


    ~ Bil Antoniou
  • I would like to formally commend our landlord to having one of the best superintendent's I have ever experienced and an asset to Better Living Homes Inc. He is responsive, reasonable and diligent in his care of 540 Sherbourne and, in my experience, the needs of his tenants.

    I am sad to leave 540 but do so because of leaving the province.

    ~ Raymond View Property
  • I have had a great experience in Toronto and have enjoyed living in the "Sherwood Towers".

    ~ Ken Little View Property
  • Thank you for service to our family during the past two years and a half.


    ~ J. Wang & G. Zhu View Property
  • It has been an absolute pleasure to live in this apartment building as a tenant.

    ~ Rahul Tripathy View Property
  • I will be moving our of province shortly and wanted to give you my two months notice.  Thank you for the pleasant living experience afforded at York Villa for the last few years.


    ~ John Hay View Property